Unsolved Volume 1

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$18.99 Paperback
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360 Pages


Once upon a time, tales of the mysterious and unknown used to live in the gritty newsprint of niche publications and in hushed yarns passed around campfires. With the advent of the internet, topics such as the paranormal, cryptozoology, conspiracy, and true crime have exploded in popularity like never before. Fans of these spine tingling vignettes know that all too often they are way too short and always leave us wanting more. Unsolved is a deep dive that attempts to fill in the gaps and provide answers to some of the biggest mysteries. Volume 1 collects the first nine issues of Unsolved: Patterson-Gimlin Film, Philadelphia Experiment, La Béte du Gévaudan, Lead Masks Case, Pyramid Air Shafts, Myakka Skunk Ape Photos, MV Joyita, Rougarou of Cajun Justice, and Texas Chupacabra. If you want more than a brief overview and a head scratch, then Unsolved is definitely for you.