Unsolved Issue 9

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Strange attacks on chickens were reported throughout Texas in 2004. Large numbers of them were found dead with puncture wounds in their necks, but were uneaten. Whispers of a mysterious creature that was allegedly responsible for the attacks began to form the basis a new legend. Unlike cryptids with a long history such as Bigfoot or the Jersey Devil, the chupacabra is a relative newcomer to the scene. Hysteria hit a fever pitch once local ranchers began to kill the bizarre animals and photos were widely circulated online. It was anti-climactic when scientific tests confirmed that the fantastic creatures were nothing more than coyotes with extreme cases of mange. In spite of those findings, the legend has lived on and continues to evolve as a modern form of folklore. Might there just be something more to the mystery that science has yet to explain?

Unsolved is a serialized non-fiction publication. Each issue dives deep into some of the most mysterious paranormal, cryptozoological, conspiracy, and true crime topics. Too often are these subjects presented as brief vignettes intended to send chills down one’s spine, but lack any real depth or anything approaching a conclusion. Fans of this genre are often left wanting more, and Unsolved hopes to fill in the missing gaps and contribute something substantive to the ongoing discussion of these topics.