Unsolved Issue 8

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Potential cryptozoological evidence surfaced in an unlikely place on June 28, 2012. The reality TV series Cajun Justice premiered on A&E in the summer of 2012 and followed the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s office Cops style, but with a lot more local flavor. In the episode entitled “A Real Drag,” two officers respond to a call at a location so remote that it’s only accessible by taking a boat through the swamp. When they arrive, a shaken man explains that he saw a rougarou, the Cajun version of a werewolf, on his property. When the officers are skeptical, he shows them an eerie cell phone video of the creature he encountered. It shows a hairy, bipedal creature walking through the tall grass of the swamp illuminated by a spotlight. Even though cryptozoology enthusiasts online have generally dismissed the video as a hoax created by the show’s producers, no one has done substantive analysis of the video to evaluate its merits.

Unsolved is a serialized non-fiction publication. Each issue dives deep into some of the most mysterious paranormal, cryptozoological, conspiracy, and true crime topics. Too often are these subjects presented as brief vignettes intended to send chills down one’s spine, but lack any real depth or anything approaching a conclusion. Fans of this genre are often left wanting more, and Unsolved hopes to fill in the missing gaps and contribute something substantive to the ongoing discussion of these topics.