Unsolved Issue 5

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The Egyptian pyramids are an ancient enigma in modern times. Scientists and historians puzzle over the Egyptian’s knowledge of astronomy and construction, and it’s still unknown how exactly the great structures were built. An even bigger mystery is what purpose some of their internal structures may have served. In 1872, British engineer Waynman Dixon discovered two hidden “air shafts” leading from the Queen’s Chamber of the great Pyramid. Their purpose is a total mystery, even more so because no other pyramid includes such constructs. Approximately 5500 years after the Great Pyramid was thought to have been constructed, technology allowed us to finally explore the air shafts in 1993. What was found inside only deepened the mystery.

Unsolved is a serialized non-fiction publication. Each issue dives deep into some of the most mysterious paranormal, cryptozoological, conspiracy, and true crime topics. Too often are these subjects presented as brief vignettes intended to send chills down one’s spine, but lack any real depth or anything approaching a conclusion. Fans of this genre are often left wanting more, and Unsolved hopes to fill in the missing gaps and contribute something substantive to the ongoing discussion of these topics.