Unsolved Issue 1

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On October 20, 1967, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed what has become one of the most iconic pieces of footage of the twentieth century. Almost everyone has seen the hairy, bipedal creature dubbed “Patty” as it walks rapidly through a clearing and looks back at the camera. Ever since the “Patterson-Gimlin Film” came to the public eye, it has been regarded as some of the most compelling cryptozoological evidence to date – at least for those who don’t believe it to be a hoax. There are many who question Patterson’s past and motivations, as well as the alleged timeline and circumstances that produced the film. There is a perpetual tug of war fueled by contradictory information and analysis that leaves one to wonder if the Patterson-Gimlin Film really is historic evidence of Bigfoot’s existence, or just a prototypical found footage film.

Unsolved is a serialized non-fiction publication. Each issue dives deep into some of the most mysterious paranormal, cryptozoological, conspiracy, and true crime topics. Too often are these subjects presented as brief vignettes intended to send chills down one’s spine, but lack any real depth or anything approaching a conclusion. Fans of this genre are often left wanting more, and Unsolved hopes to fill in the missing gaps and contribute something substantive to the ongoing discussion of these topics.