Unknown Soldier

Unkown Soldier Cover

Historical Science Fiction
$9.99 Paperback
$4.99 E-Book
289 Pages


Disjointed thoughts. Fragments of memory. A secret war.

Conflict in Vietnam began many years before the official record, and it was never really about communism. It also didn’t end in 1975 as history books say. In fact, it never did.

From a foregone past to a distant future, black ops programs toil in the shadows to transform men into super soldiers. But the art of creating killers is far from perfect, and these men inevitably find themselves lost in the surreal landscape of their own minds, clouded by the fog of war.

Their stories are different, yet the same. They remember leaving for war, and being in the war, but they don’t remember ever going home. Whether in the 1960’s or the 2100’s, they dwell in the same world. One in which they all could be the same person, the same Unknown Soldier.