Science Fiction Thriller
$7.99 Paperback
$2.99 E-Book
125 Pages


Predict the Future, Steal from the Past

Maya Inc. is an anomaly against a backdrop of corporate greed and white-collar crime. It trades billions in stocks and high dollar commodities – but all in the name of philanthropy. Founded by a chaos theory mathematician, the company has always held a unique market advantage through its use of algorithms capable of predicting seemingly random numbers in sequence, such as the future trading values of securities. Up until a few days ago, all was business as usual at Maya – until its founder died.

Seth Wright, a former CIA interrogator, is hired to investigate the Founder’s unexpected death and find the one thing that wasn’t left behind: the passcode to use the algorithms. Seth gets a surprising response when he jokingly asks how he’s supposed to question the dead. For unknown reasons, Maya sunk a fortune into developing technology that allows them to recover and record a person’s final thoughts in four to six minutes before brain death. Extracting an individual’s “flux,” as they have dubbed it, creates the possibility of harvesting “retained assets.” The only problem is that fluxes are like dreams that must be interpreted.

Seth quickly discovers that there’s a lot more than money at stake. The past and present collide when his former CIA partner, and the only woman he’s ever loved, stands in the way of the truth. Murder mystery meets corporate heist in a labyrinth of twists and turns where the future is uncertain.