Panoptica Still
Panoptica (Short Film)
A slovenly neighbor with a questionable source of income has the comely female next door under surveillance. But his version of “neighborhood watch” is about to uncover more than one crime on his street – and turn a predator into a victim.


Schrodinger’s Box (Short Film)
A dark twist on the classic Schrodinger’s Cat experiment.



No Exit(Feature Film)
Loosely based on the famous French play “Huis Clos”by Jean-Paul Sartre, ”No Exit”stars Blanchard Ryan of 2004′s smash hit “Open Water”and Edoardo Ballerini of HBO’s “The Sopranos,”as well as numerous other projects including “Boardwalk Empire”and “Romeo Must Die.” Jonathan and Leigh wake up in strange motel room after being sedated. There is no escape from the room – the door is locked from the outside,there are no windows and the room seems to defy the laws of physics.
Trapped in the room together, they are forced to confront the marital problems they were able to ignore in their normal lives. Leigh was having an affair… Jonathan asked a stranger to follow her. Neither knows that that they were dealing with the same person, a man named Nicholas, who pits them against each other while in the room. Their dark secrets rip their marriage apart as they try to hide the truth… but in a bid to get what he really wants, Nicholas won’t let them hide it for long. There are many secrets, including the truth about the motel room. “No Exit”explores the darker side of human nature and what it means to be trapped in an undesirable relationship.


The Jig(Feature Film)
Donnie is a young hitman on his first assignment and eager to impress his boss. Aaron is his n’eer do well target, down on his luck and now marked for death. Waiting in a warehouse, the two trade insults, jokes and personal insights as they prepare for the arrival of the crime boss, Mr. Worthy, whose entrance on the scene will signal the end for Aaron. Can Aaron convince Donnie to change his chosen profession before it’s too late for both of them?


Gay Ghost Hunters(TV Pilot)
This TV pilot is a comedic twist on the popular ghost hunting genre. Below is the 5 minute sizzle reel cut from the actual 22 minute pilot.
A Trailer Park Haunting(Feature Documentary)
Houses aren’t the only things that are haunted… but in a trailer park it’s hard to tell what’s really going bump in the night. Join a group of gay ghost hunters from Atlanta, GA as they investigate a demonic presence that terrorizes a family of four living in a thirty-year-old double wide in south Louisiana. With team members like a self proclaimed “seer” who reads palms and tarot cards in gay bars full-time, and a cursing liberal minister who preaches sex and polyamory, you’ll soon wonder who’s stranger – the dead or the living.


Final 16 by
Feral(Feature Film)
A young couple’s life changes when their daughter suddenly disappears. As they frantically search for her in the woods surrounding their home, they accidentally kill their neighbor. Realizing their fatal mistake, they try to cover up the terrible accident. Their quiet country life spirals out of control into a dark world of conspiracy and psychological chaos.